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Minecraft Review: the Most Popular Sandbox Game

Minecraft is an indie sandbox game for everyone who loves to build. The game offers peaceful landscapes that you can decorate as much as you want. Download Minecraft and become the owner of your own world.

Main Features of Minecraft

Minecraft review usually begins with the mentioning of its unique graphics, but we want to start it with the gameplay. It is also unique and one of the key reasons why this game is still on-demand after so many years. Minecraft gameplay is diverse and extraordinary, and it also reminds you of the Lego constructor you loved to play while you were a kid.

There are several modes in the Minecraft game:

  • Creative mode is a peaceful place where you can enjoy your freedom from food, water, enemies, and even sleep. You don’t need to check out your life indicators, as they are always fine. Instead, you can concentrate on mining various sources and using them to build anything you want. You may start with one building, and after that, move to another one. You can build a small village and a big city. You can become a founder of your own kingdom. There is no limit. If your fantasy dries out, use Spectator mode to watch other players’ building skills;
  • Survival mode offers you a world full of various dangers. You have to watch out as your life may always be in danger. There are numerous monsters ready to eat you. You can die because of hunger or thirst. There is no escape from this world during the night. But once the night comes, you have to find a shelter and sleep, as you may die of exhaustion.

Unique Graphics

Minecraft world consists of blocks of different colors. These blocks represent various building materials like stones, wood, ground, and so on. Everything in Minecraft Android game is made of these blocks, from the grass to the sky. Even animals that live in Minecraft full game realms are made of big blocks. These blocks became the main attraction of the game. Once you see them, you immediately recognize the game.

Despite the simplicity of these blocks, the graphics are well developed and considered to be one of the best among similar building games. It is not realistic, however, it is extraordinary and fresh. Matching cubes, you can create everything you want. The game offers you different climate zones. You can pick the dense forests, jungles, or icy arctic territories with cute white foxes and bears. Developers continue to add new characters inside the game and various attractions. This 3D world will quickly become your favorite.

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Benefits of Minecraft

The benefits become obvious once you download Minecraft on your Android phone. The game is family-friendly, and you can play together with children or parents. If you are not skillful enough to play survival mode, start with creative mode, and learn the mechanics of the game. The game has incredibly high replay value, as there is no end in creative mode. Only your fantasy can limit your actions in the Minecraft universe. Take part in various activities, depending on your current mood.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 4

Minecraft FAQ

There's not a lot of questions about Minecraft. Ask insistently in the comments so you can make it frequent! Yup,take me to comments
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