Nutcracker Black

Latin name: Athous niger

Russian name: Black Nutcracker

Pest Type: Multi-Pest

Row: Coleoptera – Coleoptera

Distributed everywhere, in river valleys reaches the west of the steppe zone of Russia. Larvae are omnivorous, but prefer predation; in some places, they harm agricultural plants, especially vegetable ones.

The beetle is 10-14 mm in size, the females are larger and flat. The top is black, sometimes the elytra are yellow or brown-brown, the top has a long gray pubescence.

The front-back is convex, slightly elongated, shiny, with fine punctures, hind angles sharp, with thin keels.

Larva – up to 27 mm, black-brown, last segment bifurcated. Larvae of different ages winter at a depth of 30 – 40 cm.

The age of beetles coincides with the flowering of rye, on the flowers of which they often concentrate in large quantities.

Females lay eggs in the soil to a depth of 3-5 cm, on average up to 300 pieces each.

Larvae are born in June, and their development continues for more than four years. They prefer sandy and loamy soils. On the fields of agricultural crops in the western regions of Russia, separate foci sometimes occur with a density of up to 2–3 ind.

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